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NOTE: I apologize in advance, but I do NOT know how to contact Viggo in any way, shape, or form. This is an unofficial web site. Thank you for all your emails.

12/30/03 Happy New Year! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

It's hard to believe that the Lord of the Rings trilogy is complete, time sure has flown by. Well, what did you think? Over at the official Lord of the Rings site, there are a few Aragorn items. There are some nice shots of Aragorn in the Return of the King exclusive photo gallery. In the New Video section, there's a clip called Aragorn's Destiny. In Character Desktops, there's an updated ROTK version for Aragorn. There's also an updated Aragorn character section.


Viggo is having an exhibition right now ("Ephemeris") in Denmark at Brandts Boghandel ApS in Brandts Klædefabri. You can find their website here. You'll see a oval link to Viggo Mortensen top right of the page. Also they wanted me to pass on that they have all the books available on their webshop. This also includes the new Danish book "Nye Falsknerier" and the photo magazine "Katalog" from Museet for Fotokunst where Viggo Mortensen currently has his exhibition.

You can find the exhibit FAQ here. And you can view photos of the exhibit here.

Ellen Maybe wrote to let everyone know that she has her own website now. For those of you who don't know, Viggo did the artwork for the cover of her poetry book, "The Cowardice of Amnesia."

Geri, a good friend of mine has her own Viggo page now.  

Hidalgo, Viggo's new movie, seems to be now delayed until March 5, 2004. (The website demands that you have Flash 6)

You can find a pretty cool ROTK Viggo poster here

And last but not least - The Great Corner of Viggo Giveaway III. Its closed, and I'm still struggling to make it through the hundreds of entries I received. Instead of holding a new contest for Viggo's new books, I will hopefully be able to send out several copies to the runner ups of the Giveaway III. I'll let you know when and if I'm able to do that.

Need an Aragorn picture fix? You should head over to! I really like this one.

A fan's account of her trip to see Viggo return to his alma mater, St. Lawrence University, to open an exhibition and read poetry. This was back in February. Warning - it's quite long.

The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy - The Exhibition, a unique visitor experience based on the famous films, opens at the Science Museum (London) on 16 September 2003.

You can read here about Susanne's amazing account who was not just able to attend the recent Viggo poetry reading in Denmark, but also the invitation only art exhibit opening, the day before.

Here's an article about Viggo accepting an award from the Swedish magazine, Aftonbladet. It's in Swedish. For an English translation you can go here.

And finally, Wendi has put up her own Viggo site.


Wow has it really been 4 months !? Apologies to all for such a lengthy delay in the updates. I'll explain in a little bit ...

First, The Great Corner of Viggo Giveaway is now closed ! Thank you all for your entries. There were well over 300 submittals, and its rather unfair that I can only pick one winner. :( I am still reading through them all - and I'm amazed at the wealth of talent that is out there. Most of you need to start your own websites and share your words!

So, where have I been? Well first I bought a new house. Then, after two years of paperwork and waiting, my wife and I headed to China to greet our new daughter. My wife held her for the first time on Mother's Day, a rather fitting end for our quest. And a great way to begin a lifelong adventure. Fatherhood rocks. ;)


Well I'm a bit behind, but it's time for the third edition of the Great Corner of Viggo Giveaway! I'll be giving away a copy of Viggo's latest releases - "Coincidence of Memory" and "Hole in the Sun." It's free, anyone can enter, and I pay for shipping! All you need to do is write a short story or poem using one of the book's titles. Then send it to me via email (please have "The Great Corner of Giveaway III" in the subject). The winner will get both books and I'll post the winner's work on the email page. Good luck!

I'm changing the poetry page to the artistry page and linking to examples of Viggo's art, past gallery shows, books and CDs. Many have sent emails requesting more information on Viggo's art.

Viggo isn't accepting any more fan mail as you probably know. You can read why here. Do I know of another way to get in touch with him? Nope. Does he have email? Not that I know of. What's the best way to get in touch with him or how to get an autograph? Catch him at his next public appearance. When is that? I don't know yet but I'll be sure to post it here when I do.

"A Religious Moment Where Something Might Happen" : an interview with Viggo Mortensen by Morphizm.

Here's some pics from The Return of the King (via Aint It Cool News). There's a great one of Aragon looking very kingly indeed.

Peter Jackson for Best Director - or else.

Here's an image of Arwen in sorrow at Aragorn's tomb.

You can listen to Viggo's comments from the December 3 Charlie Rose show here (Real Media format.)  Or you can read them here (there's also a pic of Viggo, Elijah and Peter Jackson with Charlie Rose.)

"The Hero Returns", the article from Premiere magazine.

"Leader of the Pack", an interview by Cover Story.

Here's a translation of an interview from an Argentine newspaper.

The condensed parody version of The Two Towers - pretty dang funny ;p

An account of Viggo's poetry reading at the Midnight Book Store (from September 2002).


Here's the latest info on upcoming Viggo appearances:

Sunday, August 18, 5 to 7 PM
Join Perceval Press authors Viggo Mortensen and Lola Schnabel at a book signing and reception.
Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions
6522 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028

Sunday, September 1, 8:00 PM
Viggo Mortensen reading from his just published book of poetry "Coincidence of Memory." Books will be signed as well. Midnight Special Bookstore
1318 3rd St. Promenade Santa Monica, CA 90401

If you go - tell Viggo Frosty said hi!

Kalayna  has finished updating her Scene by Scene pages for Book Three, for her website The Quintessential Lord of the Rings. Take a look.

Viggo and Billy Boyd were presented with lifetime memberships, as well as busts of their characters from Sideshow WETA,  to the New York branch of the Tolkien Society (Heren Istarion.) Thanks to Heren Istarion's Chairman and Shalane for the link.


So, where have I been? The World Cup, then a week off, then knee surgery. Bleh. I just started my physical therapy, so I'm going to be grumpy for awhile. Apologies in advance.

So where to begin? How about this great story from Lynn (with picture) of her trip to NYC to see Viggo. Thanks Lynn!

Viggo currently has an exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery. You can view selections of his photos and mixed media works. I noticed there are some new ones, and I have to say Noon, 2002 caught my eye. Sunburst on the petals of an iris.

Madokasan from Spain sent in this scan of an article in Fotogramas. Thanks Madokasan!

Melissa (thanks!) sends this from the San Antonio Express-News:
Alamo cast contingent on Howard by Joe O'Connell [special to the Express-News]

Viggo Mortensen is rumored to be the next Jim Bowie in the new "Alamo" movie. The Web site is reporting that Mortensen, who bears a striking resemblance to Bowie down to the dimple in his chin, met with Ron Howard recently about the role. Mortensen is best known of late as Aragorn in "The Lord of the Rings." Of course, all such casting is contingent on Howard actually helming the reported $100 million film, which has been in doubt since a report in Variety had him acting as producer only. The trade paper later reported that Howard remains in negotiations to direct, but that John Lee Hancock, the Baylor law school graduate and first-time director of "The Rookie," is waiting in the wings if Howard cannot come to terms. Michael Rosenberg, president of Imagine, said a new screenplay draft is expected in coming weeks from Stephen Gaghan ("Traffic"), who is reworking John Sayles' script and Howard will take a look at the new version and then re-evaluate his position. "In our business, it's never say never," Rosenberg said of Howard directing. "It doesn't look like it today, but things could change." Construction recently stopped on the "Alamo" set on a private ranch near Dripping Springs, and workers were told they would not resume work until September. That followed a delay in the start of filming to Dec. 2. One worker, who asked not to be identified, said construction is no more than a fourth complete on the Alamo village. Mortensen would join previously confirmed Russell Crowe as Sam Houston and Ethan Hawke as William Travis. Billy Bob Thornton has been cited as a possible Davy Crockett.

Check out Pauline's "Films of Viggo Mortensen" website, a comprehensive and detailed knowledge base specifically about Viggo's films.

The email page has two new additions.

Catching up with

And there's now more than 400 people on the update mailing list. Thanks for visiting!


Ladies and gentlemen, Perceval Press is now open! Be sure to check out the Books & CDs section to see Viggo's two new books listed - Coincidence of Memory and Hole in the Sun. And you know what new Viggo books mean - a Corner of Viggo giveaway! Stay tuned ...

And Perceval Press also has an events section to keep us up to date on Viggo appearances. Looks like New Zealand and NYC are the places to be!

Well, England is looking good now. Senegal is through (ha!), but I must admit I'm disappointed at Portugal and France. I was looking forward to watching Figo and Zidane play more - but alas no. And it was a sad farewell to Batistuta and company.


So, what happened to the updates? Well, there's this thing called the World Cup happening right now, and I'm rather engrossed with it. Spain is thru to the second round, and Denmark is tied for the group lead with Senegal, my underdog favorite (Hi Hamet!).

Next appearance for Viggo is the "Signlanguage" exhibition at the Robert Mann Gallery on July 12. If you go, tell him Frosty said hi!

Leslie, from the House of Telecontar, managed to take some video at Viggo's LA appearance (look under May 20 for the link). And for all those who want pictures, check out her Gallery.


The latest from Pilar:

Yes, I have left Track 16 to begin a publishing venture with Viggo: Perceval Press. We will soon have a website that will sell our new books, the reprinted editions of "Recent Forgeries" and "Signlanguage," as well as other books, CDs, etc., that we find interesting. The site will also contain updates about Viggo's art exhibitions and book signings.

We have just completed the design on our first three books for Perceval Press. The titles of the new books are "Coincidence of Memory" (photographs, paintings, and poetry 1977-2002, 66 pages); "Hole in the Sun" (68 photographs [96 pages], many beautiful abstractions and landscapes of a swimming pool that Viggo has photographed over the years); and "Remember Me" (an artist book, in every sense, by Lola Schnabel).

The books will be available at the end of June and will be sold at the Robert Mann Gallery during the run of Viggo's exhibition. We have been very busy starting the press and have had little time to devote to the website, but we hope to have it up and running in the next month. We ask for your patience.

We hope you enjoy the books.


The latest news:

Since the gallery is very limited in space, with one elevator to the 10th floor that can carry about 8 people, it was decided to have a private opening on July 11th for the Robert Mann Gallery guests. Viggo will be in attendance at the gallery on Friday, July 12th to sign books -- exact hours will be posted shortly on the Robert Mann website.

We would also like to announce that Viggo and Smart Art Press will be re-printing "Recent Forgeries" and "Signlanguage." Viggo will also be publishing a book of photographs that will include poems from "Ten Last Night" and "Recent Forgeries," as well as new poems. It will be the first book from his newly formed press for art books (stay tuned for name and details, including a website where you will find all the details regarding future publications as well as information regarding Viggo's exhibitions).

Excellent! I'm really looking forward to the new poems! Oh and if you go, tell Viggo that Frosty said hello. ;p

Patricia has put up a new website consisting of screen captures from Viggo's films.  And the really cool thing is that it's Spanish and English! ¡Muy excelente y muchas gracias Patricia!

A scan of the People's Most Beautiful page for Viggo (via

Congratulations to Christine for winning the "Signlanguage" giveaway. She took the unique approach of composing her impressions in haiku. Here's one of her impressions (for Gimli Son of Gloin): Deep and crabby eyes / Buried in weathered face, wait / Indomitable. Thanks to all who took the time to participate. I was overwhelmed by the response. Next time I need to buy more books. ;)


Well, it's official. Viggo is beautiful.

Viggo will be appearing at the Los Angeles Virgin Megatore on May 16. (Ooh! Kids in the Hall!)

Here's a report on Viggo's appearance at the Union Square Megastore.  Not only is Viggo beautiful - he's personal, nice, and accommodating. Small wonder then that the line that wrapped around the block was "mostly women." (there's a grin on my face as I write this) The ladies over at the Antipodean Viggophile are probably more appreciative of these facts than I am. It's a great website - go visit.

Here's a great story about fans traveling to see Viggo at the ICP at Billy Boyd at ICON. ROFL and LMAO. I'm sure Tolkien rolled over in his grave when Viggo wrote that on the shirt. (via

Durnhelm, shield maiden of Rohan, sends along photos of the ICP and ICON events. I've posted her story to the email page. Thanks! And yes I agree whole heartedly - Viggo is a fine Aragorn.

And here are more photos from the same events. (via

Here's a nice report about Viggo at the ICP by Daz (from The Many Faces of Viggo).

Ladiens and gentlemen - I present you with the Aragorn toy figure.

Sparky sends along scans from the August 1998 Movieline interview "The Hot New 39-Year Old." Here is page 1 and page 2. Thanks Sparky!

I just spent a couple of hours going through my email and deleting spam (grrrrr) - so if you send me an email, please make sure the subject line is specific. Thank you. Also, to all those who have sent me scans and such - I'm working my way through them now. This website will be changing and moving - so stay tuned.


There's lots of photos and stories about Viggo's latest appearances. If you have stories and photos, send them along!

We start with Susan, who was kind enough to send in photos she took at "Just Words : A Benefit for Youth Speaks", which took place at Track 16 on March 1. Thanks Susan!

Here's a great photo journal about Germany and Sotnos, who traveled to see "Signlanguage."  Via The Many Faces of Viggo Mortensen.

A report by Zorina about Viggo's appearance at the International Center of Photography. Via

Here are photos of Viggo from the Virgin Megastore appearance. Via The Musings of Viggo.

And the email page has been updated, which includes a report from Stephanie about Viggo's appearance at the ICP. Thanks Stephanie!


The Union Square, New York, Virgin Megastore has updated their website with information about Viggo's appearance.

Track 16 Gallery has updated their Track 16 Nights schedule.

Here's another Japanese fan site. Domo Yokachan!


Ok, I'm back. If you're curious to my whereabouts, you can read Frostyland's front page.

Viggo's New York appearances are confirmed  (see below for the details.) He will signing his latest book, "Signlanguage."

I downloaded the bootleg Two Towers trailer, and there's plenty of Aragorn to be found. You can find incomplete screen captures here.

Thanks for all the emails regarding Viggo's latest role in "Hidalgo", a Disney Western. As you all probably know, he was in negotiations to star in "Borgia." This role has apparently gone to Ewan McGregor. As a testament to Viggo's worldwide appeal, emails about this latest news came from several countries, including France, Spain and Germany.

The Aragorn action figure looks very grim indeed.

An article about actors' facial scars. (via

E! Online has links to E! News Daily and move trailers for Viggo.

Here's a Japanese Viggo fan site. Domo arigato Yoko-san!

And finally, click here!


Viggo will be making two New York appearance:

Virgin Megastore, Union Square
Thursday, April 18th at 6:00pm


International Center of Photography Museum Store
Friday, April 19th from 6:00-8:00pm
1133 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10036

Also, Viggo will be having another exhibition opening July 11 at the Robert Mann Gallery.

"Recent Forgeries" is officially a hot commodity. It is now out of print.

From - the April issue of "House Beautiful" magazine features one of Viggo's paintings in an article on how to decorate with color.

Mortensen has eye on crime for "Borgia" role - thanks to the many who sent this in.

Another story about Viggo's surfing mishap.

The latest click is here.


There are two reports (via about Viggo's participation in "Just Words", a fundraiser for Youth Speaks. (This event kicked off the new round of Track 16 Nights.) Here is the first report, and then the second report. If anyone was there, let me know. I'm mostly interested in the poems he read.

Speaking of poetry - "Venice West Beats Immortalized in Cement", a year-old article from The Santa Monica Mirror.

More poetry - Poetic words of Genius for The Carma Bums - one my favorite old links. Moment, moment, moment ...

Here's a brief description about "Signlanguage", with an image of Self Portrait, Winter. This amazing photo greets you as you enter the exhibit.

So it seems Miranda Otto didn't find it too hard to act with "Veeg" - from

The "more photo" link (The Middle Earth photo album) from 2/28 has moved here - thanks to Jenny for letting me know.

My friend John brought this back for me from Hong Kong. Neato.

I apologize in advance - but I'm going to be quite busy at work, preparing for a conference. Meaning updates and my responsiveness will diminish for a bit.

Happy Birthday to The Corner of Viggo - which is now 4 years old. Thanks for all your support!


Here are more artwork pieces by Viggo. Enjoy. I'm really digging Self Portrait, April. Most of you will probably recognize the title of one of the other pieces.

The "Signlanguage" contest is now closed. Thanks for all the entries. I wish I had more copies to give away, there were that many great responses. I'll announce the winner in the next week or so (not an easy task!).

Here's a picture of Aragorn, paramour of Arwen from

From Who magazine (via the Antipodean Viggophile), here's a Viggo surfing story with a picture. That had to hurt!

Here's are scans of the article "Here Viggo" from Telescope magazine. From

The #1 requested improvement for The Corner of Viggo is more photos. Ok, so click here then. Thanks to Jennifer.

A Movie Junky interview with the Lord of the Rings cast. Viggo is on the second clip.

For your consideration, Best Picture (a brotherly kiss). From Variety magazine.

By the way, I'm looking for a copy of the Fotogramas magazine that had the interview with Viggo. If anyone is willing to send it to me, I would be very grateful and I'll pay for the postage.


I've created an images only page for those having problems with the javascript for the "Signlanguage" report. Enjoy.

I apologize to all those having problems signing up for the update mailing list - I've changed the link to send me email instead.

The hardcover edition of "Signlanguage" arrived yesterday - and it will soon have a new owner. The contest is underway until the end of this month. And yes, it's open to everyone - no matter where you live.

Track 16 Gallery has their Track 16 Nights schedule posted, and they also have some pictures from the opening night of "Signlanguage."

It seems we will see the reforging of Narsil, Aragorn's sword, in the third movie. I was wondering about this. This is the sword that was wielded by Ilsidur, then broken by Sauron, then later carelessly dropped by Boromir in Rivendell.

And it looks like we'll get see more of Aragorn in the DVD of The Fellowship of the Ring. Yeah!


Finally, I've finished my "Signlanguage" report. Enjoy! (Note: clicking on the pictures will open a new window, and it will take a moment for the image to load.) The "Signlanguage" section will keep expanding as I add more content.

I now officially open the "Signlanguage" giveaway contest! I will be giving away one hardcover edition of "Signlanguage." All that is required is that you send me your impressions of one of the pieces (but you'll need to name the piece!) in "Signlanguage." Check this page and the archive page for links to places you can find the pieces. Good luck! I'm leaving for a few days - so I won't be responding until next week.


Happy Valentine's Day! Un beso por todo!

A limited edition Aragorn character replica from Applause is available at the New Line Studio Store. And here's a list of other Aragorn goodies that are available at the store.

Electronic Art's first Lord of the Ring's game will be a third-person action/adventure starring Aragorn.

Making a Big Point - a brief blurb about Viggo in LOTR from People magazine.

Viggo is "in" according to the Washington Post's 2002 In Out list.

Kim and Tee from Antipodean Viggophile have sent me links to the interviews from Pavement (issue 50) and Black and White (issue 58) magazines. Thanks!

Here are some nice photos of the "Signlanguage" opening by Anne Fishbein.

Track 16 Gallery has sent the schedule for their upcoming Track 16 Nights. The lineup is impressive - Jerry Stahl, Neal Pollack, John Doe, Alan Rath and, oh yes, Viggo (to name a few.)

Here's a great article on the amazing history of Track 16 nights.

The update list has been created. If you didn't receive an email from me about this, then you can sign up here. The response was amazing!

The Corner of Viggo has now passed the 400,000 visitor mark. Thanks for visiting! You're welcome to send me suggestions on how to improve the site.


It's been a crazy couple of weeks - I'll be catching up on emails soon. Thanks to all those who sent me links! Martina, Chris, Pam, Margot, and Janet.

Recent articles about Viggo's "Signlanguage" show at Track 16 Gallery:

People have sent me their first hand reports on the opening, and I'm still working on mine. I'll post them all when done. Keeping with tradition, I'll be giving away "Signlanguage", the hard cover edition (one only). Stay tuned.

Viggo is #6 on Entertainment Weekly's Top 12 Entertainers of 2001.

A Fantastic Leap of Faith - an  interview from Entertainment Today.

Here's another Viggo website with pictures and a nice collection of interviews.

Need more pictures of Aragorn? Then click here. More? Click here, then here.

People have been asking about a mailing list for updates - so I'll make one. Send me an email if you want to be on it. I will absolutely not share this list with anyone - and it's sole purpose is to notify you of updates to the website.


A note for Brian Bansgrove (Master Lighting Technician, LOTR) - R.I.P.

We'll miss you, Brian. - Viggo


The latest news is that Viggo is not in Madman.

There is a slideshow of "Signlanguage" available at the official Lord of the Rings site. It's under The Film, then News & Events, then the Click Here for Current... under the banner graphic. Or you can just click here.

You can vote for your favorites at the 2002 American Moviegoer Awards. Viggo is in the Outstanding Supporting Actor category.

There's plenty of Aragorn pictures here - accessed via a new LOTR fan site. Thanks to Martina for the link.

Here's a couple of pictures of an Aragorn action figure. This might be a little picky, but why is the sword curved? And looking at the face close-up, I'm thinking this was modeled after a bad shaving day.

The latest clicks: here and here. Thanks to Marly and Annica.


Harry from AICN has news that Viggo has been cast as Madman in the upcoming movie version of the comic, to be directed by Robert Rodriguez.

Paloma (thanks!) sends a note to tell that there is an interesting interview with the Viggo that appears in the digital version of the Spanish cinema magazine, Fotogramas. Pero está todo en español (but it's all in Spanish.)

Here are scans of the article from Flaunt magazine, which had a collection of pictures taken by Viggo. You might recognize "A Song for B.K." from his upcoming "Signlanguage" show at Track 16.

Pat sent an email to tell us that Crimson Tide (March 11) and Indian Runner (March 25) are being re-released on DVD in England. Thanks!

Bruce send us the latest Viggo box office numbers. Thanks!

Vanishing Point Mania anyone? Thanks to Maxine for reminding me about this.

Click here, here and here.


Here's a nice picture of Pierre Vinet with some people you might recognize at Track 16.

Ace from Action Box Records reports that yes, they do have in stock these Viggo's recordings: "Don't Tell Me What To Do", "One Less Thing To Worry About" and "The Other Parade" (scroll down to the bottom of the page.) They are almost out of "The Other Parade."


New images have been added to the preview of "Signlanguage". I love the blues of "Reading G. Richter (2001)." Additionally, Track 16 now have their "Signlanguage" page up. If you're interested in some of Viggo's previous work, Smart Art Press has books and CDs available. "Live at Beyond Baroque" is a really good CD, and features a reading from Viggo. "Recent Forgeries" has pictures of his paintings as well as his poetry.

Here's an English translation of an interview (from June 2001) with Viggo and Sean Bean (Boromir) from El Señor de los Anillos (the Spanish LOTR website).

Here's another fan site that's interested in Viggo's artistic abilities. And here's a fan mail message board. There are a multitude of other sites that have sprung up as of late due to his role in The Lord of the Rings. I would hope they promote and celebrate his talents, instead of focusing on his personal life.

Kclyn was kind enough to send links to scans of an interview and pictures from February's Starlog magazine. Here's page 1 and page 2 of the interview, and picture 1 and picture 2.


Happy New Years!

Here's the book cover for Viggo's "Signlanguage" show at Track 16 Gallery. And here is the press release for the show. The book is 84 pages, and will be $25 for the soft cover, and $40 for the hardcover. Thanks to Pilar at Track 16 Gallery for the update.

There will be a screening of "The Indian Runner," at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood on Saturday, January 5, 2002, at 8:00 p.m. It is being shown as a double feature with "The Pledge," both films by Sean Penn, who will be there in person to talk about the movies. Here's a link with more information.

Here's a great 6 minute plus real player interview with Viggo in English on a Finnish site. Thanks to Suzanne for the info.

There is an interview with Viggo Mortensen in Fangoria #208 (the November issue) in which he discusses Fellowship Of The Ring, Leatherface, and The Prophecy, among other things. There is also a brief interview with Viggo in the the Australian edition of Empire (January 2002). He also appears on the cover with Orlando Bloom and John Rhys-Davies. (It is a collectors edition cover no.2 of 2. "The Warriors"). Thanks to Alyssa for the info and the interview!

Here's a USA Today article with profiles on the actors from The Lord of the Rings. Viggo is included (scroll down), and has a funny line concerning elves.

Here's a story about the LOTR premiere in Denmark from, and again Viggo shows his sense of humor.

12/12/01 From Pilar (thanks!) at Track 16 Gallery:

New Line Presents
Pierre Vinet:
A Lord of the Rings Photographic Journey

January 11 to January 19, 2002
Track 16 Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, C1
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM to 6 PM

Too bad I can't make it. I'd dearly love to see this show!

Looks like Viggo will be attending the Lord of the Rings premiere in Denmark, along with Christopher Lee.

Here's a nice page about The Indian Runner, complete with screen captures.

Be sure to visit the official Lord of the Rings site, and check out the Aragorn screen saver. Click on the "Download Now!" option.

Oh my preciousssss, musssst bid ...


I was walking around in Barnes and Nobles the other day, and the images of Viggo as Aragorn (such as this) were plentiful to be found. I do believe that the Lord of the Rings marketing blitz is well underway.

While meandering in the bookstore, I picked up Elle and YIL magazines for the interviews with Viggo. I was going to scan in the Elle's full page picture, but someone has already done it. Also, I noticed that YIL has a small image of Viggo as Aragorn on their page.

I also picked up a Strider bookmark, complete with a replica ring attached. I'm going to give that away as the grand prize for the card giveaway (see below.) There are already three winners - Shalane from Hawaii (mahalo), Glandrigal the entwife, and Sheila. Their emails were quite creative. The bookmark will be given to one of the ten winners. Good luck!

CG has created a new Viggo website, "The Many Faces of Viggo Mortensen." Plenty of pictures, and a discussion board as well. I've added this site to the links page. Congratulations and good luck.

It's time to check on this month's update to E! Online's coverage of The Lord of the Rings.

Viggo looks very good in this Lord of the Ring poster.

The email page has just been massively updated. Quite the international mix, and a few airplane related stories. I just wanted to take the time and thank all of you for your emails - the stories, information and tidbits, and notes of support and appreciation. Thank you for visiting the site, and may your holidays be most wonderful, so sayeth Frosty.

And, oh, yes, I do have tickets to the opening midnight showing of the Lord of the Rings. I hope you have yours!


The Rawlins Company (they handle Viggo's fan mail) have sent an update for fans - they will no longer be able to accept "letters" and will only be able to accept (and reply to) postcards. Viggo will pick up the cost of return postage for replies.

Tis the season: I'll be giving away cards from Decipher's Lord of the Ring's card game. These will be common (no uncommon or rare) cards bearing Aragorn's image (such as this one). Here's a list of all the cards. Right now I'm limiting this to a total of 10 cards. Selection of winners will be based of their creative emails, and you can pick what card you'd like, though I make no guarantees. I'll pay the postage for folks in the U.S. I'll accept emails until December 14. Good luck.

Here's a link to the Yahoo! Internet Life magazine interview with Viggo.

Trish drops a note to let us know that there's an article and interview with Viggo in the latest ELLE magazine. Bridget Hall is on the cover. Thanks!


Time to check on this month's update to E! Online's coverage of The Lord of the Rings.

Debbie (thanks!) drops a note and tells us that Viggo is in this month's Yahoo! Internet Life magazine. Scroll down a bit to see the LOTR-related links.

Colleen sends along another great image of Viggo as Aragorn - this time with Arwen. Thanks!

Here's an interview with Viggo from M! Magazine, courtesy of

Here's a page of LOTR collector cards. Strider is one of them.

Here's a preview of a LOTR poster from

Decipher has released their LOTR card game, and Aragorn adorns many of the cards, such as this one, this one, and this one. His image also is on one of two starter decks. They also have a LOTR fan club site.

Finally, Melakia emails us to let us know that Viggo is on the cover of  latest edition of The Return of the King. Thanks!


Thanks to Pilar from Track 16 Gallery, we have a peek at Viggo's upcoming show, now titled "Signlanguage." This is just a small preview of the much larger show. Click here for the slide show. There will be a book of the same name available in January for purchase through the Track 16 website.

Colleen sends a link to an image of Viggo as Aragron lost in thought. You can see the Lorien brooch that Galadriel gave the members of the fellowship, plus the other necklace he is wearing is said to be a token from Arwen. Thanks!

The official Lord of the Rings site has a photo gallery of Weathertop, Bree and Hobbiton images. And yes, there are images of Aragorn fighting those nasty Ringwraiths.

10/20/01 A Happy Birthday to Viggo! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

More news on Viggo's show at Track 16 Gallery:
The new show, named "Sign Language", will open Saturday, February 2 and will be on view until March 30. Viggo will be exhibiting with Pedro Meyer, one of Mexico's leading photographers. Track 16 will be publishing a book as well.

The show in Athens (read below) is not the same show as this.

Thanks to the wonderful Pilar (as always) for the information.

Click here for the gallery of miniatures from Games Workshop. Check out Aragorn!


Well, hopefully by now you've seen the new trailers. Pretty amazing, to say the least. If you haven't, you can go here to view the trailer. also has a frame by frame analysis.

Here's a translation of an interview of Viggo by the Danish magazine M/S. It's by far the best interview of Viggo I've read. Thanks to Suzanne and Circi for the link.

Colleen sends us a link to her Chapter X: Strider image collection. This is part of the site's overall arrangement of LOTR images (scrounged from every available source!) according to the story line. Thanks!

E! Online's latest edition of their special LOTR coverage.

St. Lawrence University is proudly proclaiming Viggo as a graduate. He earned a degree in government and Spanish. Actually, the most interesting tidbit is that Viggo will be having a new show at Track 16 (known) and at the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art in Athens (not known).

And a reminder that Viggo's birthday is approaching ...


Check in on E! Online's latest edition of their coverage of the Lord of the Rings. It seems Viggo is back in New Zealand for dialogue rerecording and maybe some reshoots. Also, there's a photo gallery I hadn't noticed before. There are pictures of Viggo here and here.

There's a LOTR Student Planner Calendar at Amazon. Inside there's plenty of cool pictures, including a picture of Aragorn talking to Frodo. You can also view the scans here.

A very cool poster image of Viggo as Aragorn, and those nasty Ringwaiths in the background. Other poster images are here.

More pictures from the are here, including one of Aragorn with a wintry backdrop (probably Calahadras).

In the report from MythCon XXXII, Phillipa Boyens talks about her experiences with Viggo, among other things.

7/17/01 I've been taking a break from the site and email, but seeing the LOTR trailer today before Final Fantasy put me back in the mood. So, let's see, where was I?

Two nice pictures of Viggo as Aragorn: picture 1 and picture 2. Thanks to Matt for the links.

Aragorn fighting nasty Ringwraiths.

Here's a site that lays all the images from the trailers in chronological order.

Here's a link to a RealPlayer clip about the Lord of the Rings - bits of the trailers, shots of the Cannes party, and Viggo speaking in Danish.

A brief quote from Viggo about the LOTR experience.

Another nice picture of Aragorn in battle (I'm pretty sure this is in Moria).


Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has been pretty crazy, and will continue to be so for some time.

Well, tons of news with Cannes over and the new trailer showing. Estel, Sarah and Ashley (thanks!) wrote to tell me that Viggo's in the June issue of "InStyle" Magazine. It's a Father's Day feature where the children of stars take their dad's picture. Here's the link.

And if you haven't seen the new trailer yet, I highly recommend that you do. It's at the official LOTR site in Real Video format (boo!), but you can go over to Harry's site and download a quicktime version of it. Here's the link. Or if you want, you can head over to and get a frame by frame analysis. And, um, oh yeah! We get to see and hear Aragorn! We also get to hear Gollum (shiver!)

Much thanks (and apologies for the delay in posting) to Laura of Marty's Frame Shoppe in Fort Worth, Texas, who transcribed excerpts from an article from the May issue of  Art Business News magazine.  It's an interview with Robert Mann, who hosted Viggo's Errant Vine exhibition almost a year ago. I've placed in on the Interviews page.

Here's more Lord of the Rings links:
Aragorn at Weathertop (picture).

A Real Video of interviews at the Cannes LOTR party.

A candid picture of Viggo at Cannes.

A picture of monitors. I think Viggo is on the bottom right one.

Viggo at the Cannes LOTR party (picture).

Aragorn trudging through the Pass of Caradhras (picture).

Strider approaches the sleeping hobbits (picture).

5/03/01 Click here to check out the latest update on E! Online's Lord of the Rings coverage.

Nona (The Compleat Sean Bean) was lucky enough to do an interview with Sean Bean. On page four of the interview he mentions Viggo. It seems they got along pretty well during the LOTR filming. Click here for the interview. Thanks to Nona for the link.

Two new images of Viggo as Aragorn on Picture 1 and picture 2.


Viggo liked his horse from the Lord of the Rings so much, he bought it! Click here for more details.

Here's a link to a scan of a LOTR article in Empire Magazine. There are pictures of Sean Bean as Boromir and Viggo as Aragorn. There's a funny quote on Viggo's picture about him doing a Ginola impersonation. Ginola is a well known French soccer player. I'm a huge soccer fan so I just happen to know that. :)

Thanks to Anne for the the above two links!

With apologies to Harry from Aint-It-Cool-News (for some reason the site has been loading very slowly), I've copied the pictures of the Aragorn bust that Sideshow Weta Toys are producing . Here is picture 1 and picture 2. And here's a link to Harry's article. There are also pictures of busts of other characters such as Gandalf and Frodo.

Here's the latest picture (from showing Viggo as Aragorn on horseback, sword in hand. Here's information on the article (originally in Spanish) that accompanied it.


The latest update from E! Online's special LOTR coverage.

Several new pictures of Viggo as Aragorn at

Viggo is going to have an Aragorn action figure! Check it out here. Thanks to Sarah for the notice.

Viggo signed this fan's A Perfect Murder poster in Danish.

If you wanted to catch Viggo on TV, you should probably check out this page.

Viggo apparently has a Rotten Tomatoes average tomatometer rating of 58%.

Viggo (VMORT) is currently trading at $754. I'm not sure if that's bad or good. But can you really trust a website that has his birthplace as Indianapolis?

Here's a picture of Viggo that I haven't seen before. And another one.

A very short fan page.

Vanishing Point Mania!

Help support Viggo as an actor fan page.


The latest from E! Online's special LOTR coverage.

Here's a pretty cool German page on Viggo as Aragorn. Check out the pictures at the bottom.

A brief interview with Liv Tyler, who plays Arwen, the paramour of Aragorn.

An overview of The Passion Of Darkly Noon.


I'm trying out a new front page design. What do you think?

Here's a link to a review of Viggo as Aragorn, gleaned from a special 20 minute preview. It's positive, of course!

Here's a great picture of Viggo as the rugged Aragorn.

And here's another picture - as Strider in Bree awaiting the hobbits.

An interesting write up of Albino Alligator.

A collection of interviews from Jam!


Latest news from the wonderful Pilar at Track 16 Gallery:
Viggo is in an upcoming show, as is Exene and about 50 other artists. It is a large group show dedicated to artists who continue to explore political themes in their work. Although very serious in tone, the opening should be very exciting with most of the artists in attendance and seditious beats spinning during the opening.

More info can be found here.


Believe it or not, I'm editing this page from Taipei, Taiwan.

You should check out E! Online's coverage of the Lord of the Rings. Viggo is mentioned briefly, but in glowing terms. It's on the third page of their On Location section. He continues to prove that he's a class act.


Have you checked out E! Online's coverage of the Lord of the Rings? Remember it's updated on the first of every month.

News has been scarce on the doings of Viggo. Principal filming is set to end next month on the Lord of the Rings set. Then we just have to wait a year to see him in all of his Aragorn glory. Start that countdown!

Here's the New Zealand Herald Online Lord of the Rings list of headlines.

Ok, see if you can spot Viggo in the following pictures from Scoop: the bottom one on this page, and in these two on this page.


As usual, check out the latest update of  E! Online's coverage of the Lord of the Rings. This month, Miranda Otto talks about her character, Eowyn, and the despair that befalls her when she falls in love with Aragorn (played by Viggo) when he cannot return her love. This despair turns into a death wish, and triggers off a major event in the Trilogy. There's also an early birthday wish for him on the message board. On a side note, I wish they would spell Viggo's last name right! came out with their one year anniversary report. A good opportunity to catch up on what you've been missing on the Lord of the Rings filming. A number of the actors involved have stated that this will be an epic of a lifetime. Aren't we all glad that Viggo is involved then?

Melakia (thanks!) emailed me to let me know about the "The Hobbits are Coming!" article in the October issue of Vanity Fair. More pictures than words, and there's a good one of Viggo as a very rugged Aragorn. For those of you who can't get to a newsstand, here's the picture on Melakia also informed that the picture in question below (from 9/08/00) is from movie Boiling Point. Thanks again.

Finally, the Rawlins Company has emailed me the new address for Viggo's fan mail (thanks so much!):

Viggo Mortensen
c/o The Rawlins Company
3933 Patrick Henry Place
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

If you've sent mail to them in the last two months, it might not have been forwarded.


As usual, check out the latest update of  E! Online's coverage of the Lord of the Rings.


A casting description of Viggo as Aragorn and other background info.

Another good page about Viggo as Aragorn.

An interesting shot of Viggo and Diane Lane being, um, romatic from A Walk on the Moon. Not for the young or easily offended.

Another pic of Viggo, not sure what movie (I'm sure someone will tell me.)

The latest box office numbers for Viggo's movies.


Well, it's been awhile. My life has been quite full lately. And I got married. Anyways ...

The fans at the Viggo Mortensen's Fan Club at Yahoo! are scheduling a chat session for this Saturday (7/15). Don't have a time yet, but I'll post it as soon as I get it.

The Great Viggo Corner Giveaway II is now closed. Thanks for all the wonderful entries. Congratulations to Emerald.

A gentle reminder that this website has no affiliation or contact with Viggo. It's just an unofficial fan site. Thanks.

Check out the latest update of  E! Online's coverage of the Lord of the Rings.

It seems that Viggo is one of the nicest guys on the Lord of the Rings set. No surprise there. Check out for more details. You'll have to do a search to pull up the tidbits. Here's a close-up of Viggo from the movie. It looks to me like it was pulled from the teaser, but I could be wrong.

Viggo and the Carma Bums. This is an old link, but I love reading it.


I found a picture of Viggo as Aragorn with Peter Jackson (director) and Billy Boyd, who plays Pippin (one of the hobbits.) It's from the official German Lord of the Rings site. Click here for it.

I'm ready to close out the Great Viggo Corner Giveaway II. If you haven't sent in your entries, please do so now. For more information read the April 24th entry below. I'll announce a winner in the next update (or two.)

Here's a review of Viggo's photography. It's from issue #19 of Juxtapoz.

Here's a great breakdown of "A Perfect Murder" production with interspersed comments from the cast, including Viggo.

I'm thinking of sending off a letter to Viggo, which would basically be in an interview format. I have no idea if he has time to answer them (or if we would answer them), but you never know. Send me your questions that you would like to ask You might want to take a look at the interviews section for inspiration.


Check out E! Online's updated coverage of the Lord of the Rings.

According to the, Viggo's in back in New Zealand for filming. Scroll down to the 5-03-00 report. They were filming the Black Gates of Mordor scene, which should occur in the third movie.

A couple of pictures of Viggo I haven't seen before can be found here.

Some Real Audio interviews with Viggo [updated].

And just to convince you how much I'm in to the Lord of the Rings, here's a link to 25 Hobbits, the top 25 Tolkien-sites.

4/27/00 I've scanned in the cover and the signed back of the Errant Vine catalog. Here's a large version of the front cover (over 70KB).

Great entries are coming in for the Great Viggo Corner Giveaway II. (The Giveaway is me giving away a copy of the Errant Vine catalog from Viggo's current exhibition at the Robert Mann gallery in New York.)  It's going to be difficult to pick a winner. More info on the catalog: It's numbered 70 out of 300 and signed "Viggo." Shipping will be paid by me. The one and only requirement is that you send me an email stating that you would like the catalog. I leave everything else to your imagination.

We're going to try to have a chat at the Viggo Mortensen's Fan Club at Yahoo! this Wednesday (4/26/00) from 10pm to 11pm EST. Hope to see you there!

An update to the email page with a nice email from Jamie.

And be sure to visit Kim, diehard Viggo fan, at "The Best Sausage Co." in Boston by Fenway Park if you're ever in the neighborhood. Even Henry Rollins stopped by.


The 2nd Viggo Corner Giveaway is now the Great Viggo Corner Giveaway II. Thanks to Renee.

Gail let me know of a broken link on the links page. It's hard for me to keep up with all the links on the site, so I rely on people letting me know. Thanks!

And an update to the email page with a fascinating email from EarthFink.


Huh, I've just discovered that the Internet Movie Database has a photo gallery for Viggo.

You can vote for Viggo as the most beautiful person at the 5th Annual Most Beautiful People Poll.

Well, what do you think of this design?

I've received my copies (signed and numbered) of  the "Errant Vine" catalog in the mail. And on that note, let the 2nd Viggo Corner Giveaway commence! One email per person please. Rules? Requirements? I'm being vague on purpose. I'll leave it to your imagination. Um, you should probably mention that you are interested in the catalog though. I've already gotten a great entry from Emerald.

Gail emailed to tell me that "Errant Vine" contact Paige no longer works at the Robert Mann Gallery. I'll try to find a new one. Thanks Gail!

Wait, wow, that was quick. The new contact is Devin Grosz.

I've hoped you all have checked out the exclusive internet preview of the Lord of the Rings. Viggo is in a few shots. Go here for a screen by screen review.

You're welcome Akhmatova.

In case you don't know, I don't run the discussion board. I only link to it. Thanks for the emails telling me about the "problem" anyway.

E!Online has links to trailers for some of Viggo's movies.

A German (methinks) fansite for Viggo (as Aragorn) with pictures.

And the Giants are still winless in their beautiful new park. Bummer.


Today is the opening day for baseball, woo hoo! And us lucky people in San Francisco have a great new stadium to enjoy the game in. Speaking of baseball, the official "28 Days" site now has more stuff. There's even a decent section for Viggo (Eddie the ball player) under the The Movie : Cast link.

There's some news at E! Online "Force of Hobbit: An Insider's Guide to the Lord of the Rings" about the Lord of the Rings movies. Here are some comments from Viggo. Also, Viggo is mentioned throughout the article. There's even a picture of him on the set. has a blurb on the romance between Aragorn (Viggo) and Arwen (Liv Tyler) in the Lord of the Rings movie. Apparently Peter Jackson, the director, has decided to place greater emphasis on the romance, which has dismayed some fans. To me, the romance is major force in what drives Aragorn. He cannot wed Arwen unless he becomes king. And when she does wed him, she gives up her immortality for him. Now that's devotion. And if you scroll further down the page, you'll see a note about the "Errant Vine" opening from a fan.

The exclusive internet preview of the Lord of the Rings will be release on April 7th at the official Lord of the Rings site.


I received an email from Cat, asking about a rumor that Viggo directed a video for L7. I did a search and got this link to the story.

I ordered a couple of copies of  "Errant Vine." I'm planning to give one away. I'll have to think of some interesting criteria.

If you go to Viggo's page at the site, you'll see the banner I created for The Corner of Viggo at the bottom.

Some great stories of Viggo's "Errant Vine" show at the Robert Mann Gallery at the Viggo Discussion Board.

And a great email from Mari added to the email section. Thanks!

3/24/00 The latest from Pilar:
Copies of the limited edition exhibition catalogue "Viggo Mortensen: Errant Vine" are available from the Robert Mann Gallery for $12, plus shipping.
Each one individually signed and numbered.
Contact Paige (212) 989-7600 or by e-mail at

There's now a Yahoo! Club "Viggo Mortensen's Fan Club." Good luck!

Mari sent me a wonderful email from Japan. She let me know about Sony's "28 Days" website. There's several photos and movie clips. Be forewarned that you'll need Flash 4.0, a 4.0 browser, Quicktime, and Windows Media Player. There's also a link to the movie's official site, although there's not much there. Thanks Mari!


My apologies for the lack of updates. I'm in the midst of several website redesigns and designs. It's going to be hectic for awhile.

The official website for the Lord of the Rings has launched. Click here to go there. There's not much there right now though. I can't believe I have to wait until the end of next year to see the first movie! For more info on the film's happenings, you can check out and


Latest news from the wonderful Pilar (thanks as always) at Track 16 Gallery:

Viggo Mortensen at the Robert Mann Gallery (Chelsea area)

Open reception Friday, March 24th, 6 to 8 pm

open to the public

Exhibition dates: March 24th - May 13


Happy New Year!

This site,, let's you "scour" for Viggo stuff (bottom left of page.) I noticed that many of the images came from Dark Horizons, a great site if you haven't discovered it yet.

Messages on the discussion board about Viggo's upcoming show. Check it out.

Wow, American Yakuza is kinda expensive on Amazon.

Interesting Viggo site ...

"Don't tell me what to do" at Action Box Records.

A pictorial of Viggo's recordings.


Things look to be slow now that Viggo is in New Zealand for a year for The Lord of the Rings. According to news at, Viggo seems to be doing nicely in the role of Aragorn.

Somehow, Viggo has found time to squeeze in a new movie, Dancing in the Dark. The Internet Movie Database doesn't have much on it yet.

Also, He will be doing another exhibition in New York City in March. I'll post more details when I get them.

And if you can read Danish, try this site: Imaldris - The Danish Tolkien Society. There's a very cool picture that plays on Star Wars.


Have you wished Viggo a Happy Birthday?

News from Pilar (thanks! - she's pretty cool) at Track 16:
2 new CDs that involve Viggo (he produced them both). They are available
for purchase starting today. Purchases can be made by e-mailing Holly Myers at

Here is the info:
Live at Beyond Baroque
Recorded live at Beyond Baroque literary space in Venice, California, on
March 4, 1999, this lively CD features readings by Exene Cervenka, Karen
Finley, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Patchett, and Jerry Stahl.
Running time: 87:26 minutes
2 CD volume $15
Smart Art Press/Beyond Baroque Books

One Man¹s Meat
An exploration of meat and meat by-products conceived and performed by carnivores and vegetarians, for consumption by all. A collaboration of music, poetry, noise, and silence by D. J. Bonebrake, Buckethead, Exene Cervenka, Travis Dickerson, Adrian Esparza, Lysa Flores, Zak Marmalesfsky, Hank Mortensen, Viggo Mortensen, Pilar Perez, and Donita Sparks.
Recorded live on December 21, 1998, at Track 16 Gallery in Santa
Monica, California.
Running time: 31:11 minutes

A gentle reminder - I don't have any contact with Viggo, so birthday wishes and other messages are better sent to the address at left.


Well, I've gotten a bunch of mail (thanks!) about Viggo being cast as Aragorn for the Lord of the Rings. You can read all about it at (scroll down). Or you can read it about here, at E! online. Considering I'm a *huge* Tolkien fan, this is very kick ass indeed.

For you MP3 fans, here's a link to Viggo at Thanks to Axl for the tip.


There's a signed color picture of Viggo on auction at Ebay, among other things.

Here's a list of interviews in RealAudio.

Here's an interesting fan page.

A Sundown on the Millenium workshop featuring Viggo, Exene and others.


Here's Cyd's "28 Days" Info Page. Thanks to Geri for letting us know.

Someone sent an email letting us know that "A Walk on the Moon" will be on video October 12th. Check out the Miramax Cafe for more info. Thanks.

Following that theme, I found an old interview with Tony Goldwyn.

Also found: Mr. Cranky's "A Walk on the Moon" forum. Scroll down to see the messages.

Exene Cervenka is #75 on VH1's 100 greatest women of rock.


The interviews section is now live.

Geri Ann, a long time fan of the Viggo Corner, now has her own site. It tells her life story (an incredible tale of triumph and courage) and promotes her CD, "Soulful Journey." Viggo has a credit on her CD because his poetry CD "Don't Tell Me What To Do" helped inspire the song "You Will Always Stay". She even has Real Audio and MP3 clips available for download.

Side note: The "RANT" section of Frostyland is now it's own separate site,


Yes, it's been awhile. The last two months or so have been incredible work wise, leaving me a bit burnt out. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things.

I've added an interviews section to the site. It should be completed in the next few days. I've also renamed the news section to the archive section. It seems to make more sense. And I've moved the miscellaneous info to this page.

Thanks to Sheila for confirming that the new fan mail address indeed works.

Kelley wrote to let us know that Viggo is in the July issue of Cosmo (p.41,175) . Thanks!


Wow! Lot's of email this week. Thanks for the compliments, info, and entries for the Recent Forgeries giveaway. I'll pick a winner at the beginning of May.

Dbsntrix emails me this about Viggo's new film:
FYI, Viggo is currently working on the new Sandra Bullock movie "28 Days" being filmed in the mountains of North Carolina. The movie is directed by Betty Thomas (Hill St. Blues and Director of the Brady Bunch) and stars the likes of Dominic West, Diane Ladd, and Reni Santoni.

Travis offers a mp3 track from Viggo's CD "One Less Thing To Worry About" available for downloading from his site. Look for it in the LINKS section. He plans to offer additional tracks in the future.

There's a new address for Viggo's fan mail. Look to the left under FAQs for it. Thanks for people letting me know that there was a problem with the old one.

There's a new entry in the EMAIL section.


Well, I sure hope you've done your taxes!

Finally, here is my (with the help of Marcia) account of Viggo's Recent Forgeries reading in San Francisco. At the end, there's info on the autographed Recent Forgeries give away. No purchase necessary.


Sybil was kind enough to send me the interview from JANE magazine. Here it is:

Leggo My Viggo
Suzan Colon pours butter and syrup on actor Viggo Mortensen.

Forty-year old actor, poet, painter and photographer Viggo Mortensen can be kind of overwhelming. After all, it's not every day you get to meet a real-life Renaissance man. Viggo you may remember, played the sadistic Navy SEAL who got his butt whipped by Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. He was last seen in A Perfect Murder, with Gwyneth Paltrow (yep, those were Viggo's paintings in the movie.) Right now he's trying to find out who wears the pants in the Bates family, in Psycho; and in April, he'll play a blouse-selling hippie in A Walk on the Moon.
Whatever he is, whatever he's filming, Viggo's contract states that he has to be home in Venice, Calif., for Halloween so he can go trick-or-treating with his 11-year-old son Henry(the product of Viggo's brief marriage to my punk idol, Exene Cervenka of X). Of all the things there are to admire about Viggo, this is definitely the game point.

I read somewhere that you had the best walk.
What's that about? Really? (Laughs) I don't know. How do you they know?
I guess people are standing behind you.
Yeah ... watching me walk. What's a good walk? I stay in a straight line, I think. That's a good thing to aim for.
You've done 30 movies, and people still think you're a new face. Is that good or bad?
That's kind of a double-edged sword. In terms of people not being tired of you, it's a good thing. In terms of people saying you have yet to prove yourself, or being forced to do two movies in a year away from home, that can be a lot if you have a life outside of that-whether it's family or other interests.
And you sure have a lot of them. You were born in Manhattan, yes?
Yeah, but we moved all over the place-Venezuela, Argentina, Denmark. I still have a taste for it,traveling. And I am good at making myself at home quickly wherever I am. I don't know if I'm as good as like, going into a social gathering and starting to talk, but I could spend days by myself.
When did you start painting, poetry and photography?
Somewhere along the way. According to my mother, I never was anywhere without a pencil, drawing. She recently gave me a notebook filled with my old drawings, and there's one from when I was 7 that was wild. All the others were pretty regular, like swords, guns, planes crashing, pee-pees ... And then there was this school assignment. At the top of the page, it said, "Little Red Riding Hood." It was a real painting-the colors were blended, and it was kind of abstract, but I really liked it. Anyway written over the drawing in red pen was VERY POOR! Underlined. Teachers used to do that thinking it was constructive.
Ouch. But you showed her, because you just had your first gallery showing. Is it hard putting a price on your art?
There's a woman at the gallery who helped me with it. When it's just you, you may be having a bad day and look at something you made, and go, "God!" But someone else will see something different. A couple of days ago, l looked ay all the paintings, and I was like, "I don't know what these are." Then it snowballed. "What kind of actor am I anyway? What kind of father? I mean, what a joke. God, I'm such a vain, self-involved creature, and I should just stop making these things and inflicting them on people!" I can see why people jump out windows.
Wow. Is this a good time to ask how you feel about being called a Renaissance man?
I haven't been called that. I have been asked how I find the time to do all this stuff.
Let me guess: no TV-watching.
That's right. My son gets annoyed because there are cartoons that he feels are a matter of life and death. But he sees some of that stuff at his friends' houses, and we rent a lot of movies. I think later on he'll be happy about it. And he reads a lot- at least he's using his imagination rather than just sitting passively. But Henry's always been able to spend hours entertaining himself. He's great. You could be in the same room with him but he's totally in his own world .... I don't know what I'd do without him.

From the Viggo Board: Pictures of Viggo Mortensen, Christopher Doyle and Dennis Hopper at Track 16 Gallery can be found here.


Go buy a book ... Viggo is going to be at City Lights book store on Columbus Avenue (San Francisco) for a book signing on March 25th.

Here's a good review of "A Walk on the Moon" with a link to the official site. Viggo plays Walker Jerome.

You can also find a trailer here.

Here's Viggo's take on the Gwyneth Paltrow rumor. Click here. He's not amused.

Here's an old interview I found on the web. Click here to go there.

A galleria of Viggo. Click here.

Ever wondered about the numbers behind Viggo? Click here to find out.


From Pilar at Track 16: Special limited edition catalogue (250 signed and numbered copies) available from the "One Man's Meat" show, $10.00. Contact Beyond Baroque (310) 822-3006 or Holly at
Also: Meaty Reading at Beyond Baroque featuring Exene, Karen Finley, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Patchett and Jerry Stahl. Thursday, March 4 at 7:30 pm, $15, Students, $12.

Click here for a picture of Viggo by Vera Anderson.

More info on the The New Yorker Out Loud, Vol. 2 can be found here.

You can read about A Walk on the Moon here.


Viggo, accompanied by guitarist Buckethead of Praxis, reads from Jack Kerouac's On the Road Journals on The New Yorker Out Loud, Vol. 2 — the second chapter in an audio series of short stories.

A Walk on the Moon (starring Viggo and Diane Lane, directed by Tony Goldwyn), showing at Sundance, is given a "mixed reaction" by prefestival buzz.

News from the Viggo Board:

Viggo is in the magazines Black Book (p.31) and Vanity Fair (cast of Star Wars cover).

Viggo has another art show opening - "One Man's Meat: New Paintings by Viggo Mortensen" at Beyond Baroque, (681 Venice Blvd., Venice, CA 90291) showing January 28-February 28.


The Viggo Board has come alive with fans disussing, who else, Viggo. Click here to go to the Viggo board.

Clarification - there will be a rather lengthy interview with Viggo in the 15th issue of Carpe Noctem (a dark culture magazine). Click here for the website.

Have a wonderful New Year and thanks for all of your email!


Evan was kind enough to send an article about Viggo that ran in the December 16th Chicago Sun-Times. Here it is:

Sensitive side of `Psycho' (December 16, 1998)
BY JAE-HA KIM Chicago Sun-Times

Viggo Mortensen is relating a tale that involves Vince Vaughn, a butcher knife and the threat of bodily harm. But, oddly enough, the actor isn't describing the shooting of his latest film, ``Psycho.'' He's remembering a country music concert. ``Vince and I went to see Buck Owens one night after we had finished that day's shoot [for ``Psycho''],'' Mortensen said during a call from his Los Angeles home. ``I had gotten one of the `Psycho' knives to give to Buck as a present 'cause it was his birthday. They wanted us to give it to him on stage that night. ``So we bumbled our way through our speech to Buck. He opened the box and saw the knife, and the fiddler started making the ``eek eek eek'' [noise from the shower scene]. Buck got all excited and started posing as a damsel in distress. Then he began chasing Dwight Yoakam all around the stage with the knife. I don't think he realized it was real.''

Though blond and chiseled, Mortensen isn't your typical Hollywood actor. His intense features and sly eyes convey an edge that eludes your Brads, Leonardos and Matts. The actor also exudes intelligence, whether he's playing a magnetically sadistic Navy SEALS officer in ``G.I. Jane'' or a genteel suitor in ``The Portrait of a Lady.''

Acting, though, is just part of the story. Besides the film roles for which he's won critical acclaim, Mortensen also is a published poet, musician, painter and photographer. And the well-traveled Manhattan-born artist is fluent in Danish and Spanish. During down time between filming love scenes with Gwyneth Paltrow in ``A Perfect Murder,'' Mortensen kept his leading lady entertained by serenading her with Spanish songs. (His original paintings also made it into the film.) So it's a little surprising when, during the middle of an interview, he singsongs, ``Clap on, clap off.'' ``Whatever happened to those things?'' said Mortensen, 40, laughing. ``That was a good commercial. All my references are outdated because I don't watch television anymore. But I remember that one.''

Mortensen can be forgiven for not watching much TV--the busy Renaissance man just doesn't have the time. There's his role in ``Psycho,'' in which he plays Anne Heche's semi-clueless boyfriend, Sam Loomis. His art show at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, Calif., has been extended. And he has a new book, Recent Forgeries (Smart Art Press, $27), which features his paintings, photographs and poetry, as well as a CD of his poems and songs. On record, Mortensen's speaking voice--especially in Spanish--actually is more melodic and alluring than his singing. Confident and clear, he draws listeners in as he spins tales of deceit and humor.

That confidence is exhibited again on the new spoken-word record ``The New Yorker Out Loud Vol. 2.'' The two-album collection includes readings by musician Chuck D and actress Suzy Amis. But it's Mortensen's readings of selections from Jack Kerouac's ``On the Road Journals'' that are truly mesmerizing. That he scored and mixed the avant-garde jazz in the background is an added bonus.

Now Mortensen is collaborating with his ex-wife Exene Cervenka (of the punk rock band X) on ``One Man's Meat,'' a record that will accompany his next art exhibit. ``I don't know what it's going to be about yet,'' Mortensen said. ``Perhaps just about how in our society people just devour each other, whether for money, or fame, or notoriety, or to just grandstand.''

Mortensen's work schedule hasn't always been this busy. After what he believed was a prodigious start in his acting career, the fledgling actor learned that his first two roles in films by Jonathan Demme and Woody Allen were edited out. But it wasn't long before he was cast in a small role in the 1985 film ``Witness.'' That part, which was supposed to be a one-day job, expanded into a speaking role as Alexander Godunov's younger Amish brother. ``I was basically told to shadow him,'' Mortensen recalled, laughing. ``So wherever he went, I followed.'' These days, Mortensen is taking the lead.

Eleven Views of Viggo (sidebar to the above article)
by Jae-Ha Kim

Viggo Mortensen is an accomplished poet, painter and photographer. But it's his acting that has captured the public's eye. Here's a look at some of his roles: "Witness" (1985). Best scene: Eyeballing Kelly McGillis' flirtation with Harrison Ford. "The Indian Runner" (1991). Playing the bad brother, Mortensen carves out a niche for himself at the simmering villain. "Boiling Point" (1993). Portrays a deliciously dumb and trigger-happy ex-con. "Carlito's Way" (1993). Very convincing as a sleazy, wheelchair-bound snitch. "The Prophecy" (1995). He's Lucifer. The devil made him do it. "Albino Alligator" (1996). Nice twitchy performance as a guy in a suit who is not what he appears to be. "Daylight" (1996). He's a doomed, mountain-climbing businessman arrogant enough to think he can be the story's hero despite the presence of Sly Stallone. "G.I. Jane" (1997). Gives new meaning to the term "knock out" in his scenes with Demi Moore. "A Perfect Murder" (1998). Really got into the role of artist David Shaw by doing all his own paintings. To soothe Gwyneth Paltrow for their love scenes, Mortensen seramaded her with Spanish love songs between takes. "Psycho" (1998). Rivaling the shower scene: Mortensen bares his backside early on in the movie. "A Walk on the Moon" (1999). Will debut at Sundance next month. He plays a traveling salesman who woos Diane Lane.

12/09/98 Track 16 sent email to let us know that Recent Forgeries has been extended through January 23. There will be a Book Reading and Signing this Sunday, December 13 at 7 pm at Track 16 Gallery with Viggo Mortensen, Christopher Doyle, and Dennis Hopper. For more information please vist the Track 16 website at Thanks to Noelle for also sending me this info.
12/02/98 I just received the Recent Forgeries book in the mail. 106 pages of photos, paintings and poetry. Well worth the money in my opinion. Check the 11.19.98 section below on ordering details.
11/29/98 Lisa sent me an email account of her experience at the opening of Viggo's Recent Forgeries at Track 16 Gallery. Read all about it on the email page

From Holly Myers at Smart Art Press:

Smart Art Press has recently published book entitled "Recent Forgeries" that includes photographs, paintings, poetry, as well as a CD by Viggo. It was published to coincide with an exhibition of his work by the same name at Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica, California, which runs from November 21st to January 9, 1998. The book can be ordered through:

Holly Myers,, 310.264.4678.

It sells for $25, plus $4 for shipping, plus sales tax if in California. Checks and credit cards are acceptable. It will be available in late November.

Holly was also kind enough to send me a press release. You can find it here. If you do contact Holly, tell her where you got the info. I won't get anything, but what the heck. And yes, I've already ordered mine.

A note from Bella adds: It is posted in the current Los Angeles Magazine. It is at Track 16 Gallery in Bergmont Station, Santa Monica and the opening is Nov. 21. This means in the gallery scene that there may be an unadvertised opening the night before, or the last day of the show's run there is usually a closing party, both of which it is customary for the artist to appear at ! I am not going but perhaps if anyone outthere does they will post it.

And as a final note, I saw a huge Psycho billboard on the way home. This reminded that I read somewhere that there won't be a screening for critics. Interesting ...


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The Unofficial Vince Vaughn Site has a very nice Viggo page. Click here to go there.


Jackie sends me the following:

In this month's IN STYLE magazine there is a tidbit about Viggo. It says he was noted as having the "best walk" by an agent and also includes a photo.

Here's another Viggo site:
Lots of photos! The site takes some time to load.


Melanie sends me the following:

Write Viggo and send a large SASE with a 55 cent stamp on it. He sends out a nice signed 8x10.

His address is below. Good luck!


I saw the first Psycho trailer on TV and it said it will open December 4th. It featured Vince Vaughn mostly, but Viggo's name is big in the credits. Click here for the official website.

Dark Horizons has some good pictures of Viggo from A Perfect Murder. Click here.


Click here for a People Online interview with Viggo and a picture.


For you diehards, fan mail can be sent to this address:
    9830 Wilshire Blvd
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Jackie sent me the following: "Thought I'd let you know that People Magazine just publicized Viggo's birth date. He'll be 40 on Oct. 20." Thanks for the info!

Movieline magazine has a two page interview with Viggo in the August 1998 issue (Antonio Banderas on the cover). Here's the opening paragraph of the two page interview. A big thanks to Amy for sending the text.

In an era when young actors are hyped to the moon after making a film or two, only to be ungraciously spat out at the first misstep, it's after making his debut as Alexander Godunov's younger brother in "Witness" Mortensen worked in lots of movies, but the ones with titles you'd remember didn't feature him in any way that made him stand out. It wasn't until he starred opposite Nicole Kidman as a sexy suitor in "the Portrait of a Lady" that audeinces took notice of him, so of course they mistook him for a newcomer. Hollywood heavies perked up their ears. Demi Moore cast him as a magnetic, poetry-reading-but-over-the-edge Navy SEALs trainer in "G.I. Jane." Now on screens as the artist with a half-amorous/half-homicidal relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow in "A Perfect Murder," Mortensen is hotter than he's ever been, and he's already signed on for his next project, Gus Van Sant's high profile remake of "Psycho."

Note: There follows a page and a half interview by Dennis Hensley. Viggo will be playing Sam Loomis in "Psycho." Check out the Internet Movie Database for more details. Thanks also to the Ravenkeeper for the notice.


Click here for Versatile Viggo, a Jam! Movies online interview with Viggo.

6/15/98 Viggo is in the June 22nd issue of People (by Danielle Morton). Here's the text (thanks to Megan for the text and to Nita and Melakia for letting me know):

If you're not distracted by the bared flesh of Gwyneth Paltrow or the chiseled cheekbones of Viggo Mortensen, you might notice the art in A Perfect Murder. The energetic, large-scale canvases in the loft of Mortensen's character-Paltrow's sinister artist lover- really are the work of the 39-year-old actor, who also takes photographs and has published a book or his poetry. How does he find the time? "I don't have a TV," says Mortensen, the New York raised son of a Danish businessman and an American homemaker. The actor, who ordered moviegoers to attention last year as G.I. Jane's sadistic master chief, is just as versatile onscreen. Divorced from Exene Cervenka of the '80s punk band X (they have a 10-year-old son, Henry), Mortensen specializes in chilly villains (except in an upcoming remake of Psycho, where he will play the boyfriend of Anne Heche's doomed damsel). "When I started out I couldn't try out for anyone even remotely shady because I looked sort of boyish," he says, "But once I did [a villain] reasonably well...good luck getting the part of the nice small-town druggist."


Click here for a People Online interview with Viggo and a picture.


Viggo has a new CD of experimental music, called "The Other Parade." It features Viggo (of course), Buckethead, Exene Cervenkova, DJ Bonebrake, and Armer, and others. Click here to see the cover.


I just saw the trailer for A Perfect Murder (the remake of Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder)and Viggo (playing David Shaw) is cast along side Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow. He's sporting long hair and looks pretty Bohemian. Check out this page for two pictures of Viggo as David Shaw. There's also a website for the movie.


Viggo and Demi Moore have been nominated for "Best Fight" for the MTV Movie Awards. Thanks to Jackie (again!) for the note.

3/17/98 Viggo is in the April 1998 (p.351) Issue of Vanity Fair! (thanks to RavenKeeper!) Here is the article "The Scene-Stealer" (courtesy of an email from Jackie. Thanks!):

VIGGO MORTENSEN, actor (Twenty-eight films): Not a household name (yet), Viggo Mortensen has logged a lot of face time on the big screen in the 90's. Perhaps his image doesn't snap into place because his roles have been so richly varied. He played Henry James's genteel doormat Caspar Goodwood in The Portrait of a Lady and furnished unexpected shadings to the chiseled role of Demi Moore's commanding officer in G.I. Jane. Critics find in him a romantic waiting to be released. The genie bottle could be this year's Over the Moon, an independent film co-produced by Dustin Hoffman. A familiar figure on the L.A. punk scene (he was married to Exene Cervenka, the former lead singer of the punk band X), Mortensen is also a published poet, which probably shouldn't be held against him. (An interesting point: He's between Sir John Geilgud and the Fondas (Bridget and Peter). Quite a company.)

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