From the the Email Bag
  If ever Mr. Mortensen read this note, I just want to thank him, for being so marvelous artist, actor, and above all, a MAN!! I must admit, that I didn't know very much about him, for I am not TV, or movie maniac, but I saw him only in ''A  Perfect Murder", "The Crimson Tide", and of course in LOTR. I couldn't believe my own eyes, that  THIS IS THE SAME PERSON, but always new and magical in his appearance and acting!! I  am very sorry, that here in Serbia, it is not possible to find any of his books, or too see his paintings.

With my deep respect, I remain his truly admirer,

Hiya! First of all, I want to say that I love your site, and I think I've emailed you before. The only thing is, I can't remember if the email I sent you was before the International Center of Photography event or not. I wasn't sure if I ever sent you my personal "I met Viggo Mortensen" story, and I didn't see it on the site, so I figured I probably never sent it. Sooo...that's what this is. It was quite a crazy night, but, ohhhh it was worth all the insanity. 

Obviously, this took place on April 19, 2002 (and, yes, I am aware that it is July. As the subject of this email said, I'm a little slow on the uptake. Hehe.) All day, I was totally psyched about meeting Viggo Mortensen at his booksigning for Signlanguage. Then...just about everything that could go wrong, in fact, went wrong. 

While walking to the bus that would take me to the city, I got caught in the worst storm ever, soaking my hair and clothes. Fabulous. Then, not only that, but we hit mucho traffic by the Lincoln Tunnel, getting us in Port Authority at 7:30...when the event was supposed to be over at 8. Naturally, I was flipping out. I ran through the city like a madwoman - dodging through traffic, hitting into people - the works. I was visiting alone, so I didn't even have a friend to look silly with! Finally, I reached the ICP, and got inside at exactly 7:38. (I couldn't believe I ran that much in only 8 minutes either.) I pushed through the thinning crowd to get my very first glimpse of Viggo. Wow. I know a lot of his hardcore fans have been to a bunch of his signings, so this wasn't a big deal for them, but the ICP event was my first...and I was in total shock. He looked so beautiful - he's seriously one of the most beautiful people, inside and out. Anyway, some guard came up to me, and said something like, "I'm sorry, but we're closing. I think you're too late."

I definitely was NOT going to have that.

I came back with, "Look. It's 7:40...and this is supposed to end at 8:00. Besides. I am definitely not too late, being as Mr. Mortensen is sitting about twenty feet in front of me!"

I ended with a practiced death glare, and the guard sighed, and decided to let me through. Damn straight.

I quickly bought a book, and got in line in between a 30 year old woman and a 14 year old girl whose mother was a Lord of the Rings fan. I chatted it up with them for a little while, and then...I reached the table. Oh, you can imagine the thrill. I was, to say the least, *shocked* at what a nice guy Viggo is. Oh my god - he's gotta be the most down-to-earth person I've ever met. Anyway, he seemed happy that I bought his book - a lot of people showed up with Lord of the Rings items for him to sign, which, in my opinion, wasn't very cool. (I mean, this was his *own* event. That's the problem with movie fans - they can't separate characters from actors. And some of the LoTR fans will only think of Aragorn when they see the name Viggo Mortensen. They forget that he's this amazing person who can do all these other wonderful things. Okay. I'll get off my high-horse now.) Anyway... I exchanged a few words with Viggo as he signed my book, and then I asked if he would mind taking a picture with me. He said he wouldn't mind at all, which surprised me too, because he seemed so nice about it. The picture came out quite nice, and I'm really happy to have it. All in all, it was an amazing day, and it just gave me one more reason to think that Viggo Mortensen is certainly one of the coolest people ever.

Whew. That took me a while to type out. :-) I have to say, April 19 was definitely one of the best days ever. I hope I can go to more of his book signings again. Hope you liked the story, though, I'm sure you've seen plenty like it. Keep up the great work on your site - it seriously kicks so much ass.


It looks as if you put up fan accounts so is my pleasure to share with you and feel free to put this up. I have a few pictures at . (I still have to get a couple more pix up, which I'm working on.)

I joined up with 3 ringers from the Cleveland area to go to the I-Con convention to see Billy Boyd. My friend was doing some LOTR discussions, and I was glad when she invited me to be a side kick. I had a great "adventure", and made new friends. We half wondered if Viggo would show up at the convention. That would have been a riot!

It coincided that Viggo was signing autographs in Manhattan and we wanted to see him also.

We squeaked in to see Viggo at the Photography museum, and time was running out, after braving insane traffic jams, and drivers, and a strange storm that brewed up. We were so happy to find the museum, and emotions were flying high! My friend had driven through the night, and she was running on adrenaline!

There were a lot of people there, and I felt some anxiety, because I didn't know if I would get a chance to give Viggo the gift I had made him. I guess it wasn't an earth shattering deal, but I really wanted him to get it, and it was a fragile thing, so I had knots in my stomach.

The museum was closing, and the tail end of the line was being rushed through to give all the fans a chance. Viggo is relaxed and friendly, and I noticed that he treated each person individually. We discussed my name, and he asked my friend where she was from and he said, "Oh you're a Buckeye!" LOL, that made my friend glad!

My camera was uncooperative, and Viggo was really patient. First it had to be opened, then she messed up the shot, then it didn't flash, then it worked! Whew, I was losing my composure! The pressure was making my heart beat really fast! Silly camera and silly girl! The picture of me and Viggo turned out really good =). I wished I had gotten just one really good one of Viggo alone, but I'm glad to have had a few seconds to meet him. I was not able to get his book, but I had my trusty Strider bookmark with me, LOL!

Viggo is unique and so nice! I'd love to see his artwork, and hope I get the chance someday. I thought he got the role of a life time when he got Aragorn! I didn't think anyone could do Aragorn but, his portrayal of Aragorn is wonderful! Don't you agree?

Durnhelm, shield maiden of Rohan

Dear Frosty,
Thank you for posting the information re: Viggo Mortensen in NYC at Virgin MegaStore & ICP.  Here's is my maddening story that I just had to tell you about:

I decided to opt out of the Thursday evening Viggo signing at Virgin -- too much work and not enough time to manage it all.  However, I figure on a Friday at the ICP Gallery that it wouldn't be as crazy or a crush.  I was completely wrong!  First, as you may know, NY was under a strange and unusual weather pattern for about 5 days, with temperatures in the 90s, sort of August in April with all the related ugliness.  The Friday of the signing I arrived at ICP under threatening skies, purchased a new hardcover copy of Signlanguage and went out to the street corner to get a place on line.  Threatening skies became a raging WRATH of GOD storm with requisite thunder, lightning, torrential rains and winds.  Several of my comrades in chaos said we were at Mordor, and the streets were our battlefield. Six o'clock came and went and the line only moved a mere foot from my initial position.  At that point, I began to tap on the window with my soggy fist, and about 15 mins. after that we were all let into the lobby of ICP.  The real madness had begun.  Upon entering and alternately shivering and steaming, we all formed a pseudo-serpentine line toward our guest of honor, Viggo Mortensen.  The madness began when people started to cut the line and create their own lines towards the goal of meeting Viggo.  Meanwhile, the staff of ICP were drinking wine and beer, cavorting with their pals and getting the pals to the front of the line for their own personal meeting with Viggo.  We complained to anyone who would listen but things didn't change.  I have to say amidst all the craziness Viggo was unbelievably gracious and kind--signing a multitude of LOTR memorabilia in addition to his book, and taking what seemed like hundreds of photos, hugs, kisses, and the like.

At about 7:30pm, the ICP staff, recognizing that the line was still way too long, and that the Museum closed at 8:00pm started to request that we (the patrons) "speed it up, and spend less to with the author, because there was no guarantee that we would be able to meet Viggo in the time allotted!"  She must have seen the slightly disgusted and displeased look on my face, because she swiftly moved away from my section of the line.  Her parting shot being "we (the staff) would have left you outside in the storm, but Viggo said we couldn't leave you in the rain and requested that all of you come inside."  Kudos to a man with compassion.

The good stuff.
He was so very cool, and kind.  He apologized to me for the long wait, and told me he appreciated my patience.  He signed my favorite painting Reading Richter, and my LOTR official movie guide.  He was definitely worth the wait.  The ICP Gallery? -- well I'll be making a call or two to their membership dept. and other depts. regarding the ill treatment by the Gallery's staff, they were tremendously unprofessional.

Many thanks for the heads up on the NY signings.

Stephanie H.


My name's Angelica Retamal, I'm from Chile and I'm writing you because I want to tell you the way Mr. Mortensen impressed me. I was watching an interview in a local cable channel, and all the cast of LOTR was there. After the journalist (Chilean) finish the interview with Liv Tyler, she said :"que bueno,Viggo que puedo hablar en espanol contigo" (it's so nice I can speak with you in spanish),and I was expecting the typical "gringo" pronunciation, when he started to talk in a PERFECT SPANISH !!!!!And the most incredible was he speaks with Argentinian accent!!! and not a Buenos Aires accent!!!!It was so funny to look at him, so handsome, with those wonderful eyes (my sister is absolutely in love with him) speaking like he was born in some lost town in Argentina!!. Then I read in some site that he was living in Argentina when he was younger, so I finally understand. He's such a great actor sexy!!!!(but my heart always will be with Billy Boyd ("Pippin").

Take care,
Angelic, Chile.

Hello, I just wanted to put in my story of my encounter with Viggo !!!

My husband and I were flying into Spokane, WA in late August 2001. We got off the plane and proceeded to the National Car Rental place to pick up our 4x4 rental truck. (We were planning some off-roading in Montana for a week). Anyway, I'm standing in line, there are two people together standing in front of me waiting for the next available clerk to check us in.  This skinny long haired man comes running up from outside and actually scared me at first. He runs in front of me and asks if he can "Cut in line" because he's about to miss his plane. I said sure as I looked at my husband and didn't even really look at him. BUT, as soon as he said, "Thanks!" and moved in front of me, it HIT me. The voice... I know that voice. I KNOW that voice! As I ELBOWED my hubby in the ribs about three times and whispered "That's that guy! You know.. the guy from GI Jane and 28 Days!" (We had just watched those two movies within the last week before this day, so his face was so fresh in my mind.. and his voice was, too.) I didn't know his name to tell you the truth, but I knew I had to find out if it was HIM.  So, he's standing there in these faded black jeans, brand unknown and wearing a raggedy old black t-shirt and has over his shoulder a ugly "cheap" looking backpack and a pair of black hiking boots with MUD caked on them! (Flinging the mud all over) It was so funny. Anyways, so he is starting to fidget.. he's looking at his watch and I'm about 3" from his BUTT and I'm checking him out and trying to get a good look at his face to determine my suspicions.  Then, he turns around and looks RIGHT at my face and then looks away as if he is looking for a clock or something. At that point, being that i was just inches away from him, I KNEW it was him.  I also knew, unfortunately that he was in a hurry, so I was not going to bother him with an autograph or anything else. I was just happy to be so CLOSE to him.  So, now that I knew it was him, and he is at the counter now about 4 feet from me I'm really checking him out.  He must have been hiking or camping out all weekend or rock climbing or something.. whatever he was doing.. he stunk :) But, that was okay.  As the clerk said.. "Would you like me to charge that to your American Express Mr. Mortensen?" He says loudly, "YES! I'm going to miss my plane!"  The guy says, "Okay, you are done" and he yells "THANK YOU!" and runs like CRAZY to his plane.  

It's my turn next... I ask the clerk.. "What was that guys name?" The clerk looks at me like, "WHY? WHY WOULD I TELL YOU?" I said, "That was an actor and I'm trying to remember his name, could you just give me his last name?" He tells me MORTENSEN.  Didn't ring a bell with me.  So, my husband is telling me... "No, that was not him... I bet you $100.00!" I was shaking on that one.. I know those eyes and that voice ANYWHERE!

When we got home, I pulled out my G.I.Jane movie box and ran to my husband and said.. "HA! You owe me $100.00 BUDDY!"

That is my Viggo Mortensen Story from Spokane, Washington. (I'm from Indianapolis, by the way)

Just wanted to share, thanks!


Dear Mr. Mortensen,
Greetings from the Philippines!
I'm not sure if this message will reach you, but if it does then it's really great news! I'm writing because I'm interested about your artistry. Among Hollywood actors, you are different from most of them because you are basically independent the way you present yourself as an actor in every role you create. You are one of the few  I like and respect which include among a few-Tim Roth, Jude Law, Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Day Lewis, Nicolas Cage, Tony Leung (Wong Kar Wai's favorite actor in films like Happy Together, In the Mood for Love), Chow Yun Fat (isn't he great in The Killer?) and my all time favorite especially as a filmmaker Robert Redford. In some of your interviews, they said that you gained recognition and impression in the film Portrait of a Lady. To my observation you made a mark in Indian Runner. You showed much the internal conflict against your environment, your family and your self through your eyes, which was powerful all throughout the film. After that, I began to wait for other films you're on. That's why I watched Perfect Murder because you're there. Indeed, you impressed me more so when I found out that it was you who painted those paintings! (just read today, actually). They were great! I also saw you in Daylight, even you had a small appearance, you created an impact.

I am also an actor. Used to act in the theater, some independent films and television series. Last time  I acted professionally was 5 years ago. However, last year I finally made an international film "Going Back" directed by Sydney Furie which was shot here in the Phils. starring Casper Van Diem (did I get the correct spelling?). My role was a Vietnamese lieutenant. Right now I'm working in a cable news channel as staff asst. to the News Director and also guest coordinator for talk shows. It's nice to hear that an artist like you extended his craft from visual arts to film medium. Keep up the creativity, passion and willingness to explore more in the world of art. Good luck sir and break a leg! 

Will wait for your next film, Lord of the Rings.
warm regards,

I've been a huge fan of Viggo's since G.I. Jane. In fact, I'd have to say he
is my favorite male movie actor - and I am impressed that he has avoided
becoming a humongous movie star - I don't think he wants to be splattered all
over the tabloids. If he wanted to, he could be a BIG star - and may have to
deal with it when Lord of the Rings comes out. I had the amazing experience
to sit in the same row with Viggo on a flight from Salt Lake City to Los
Angeles this week. I had the window seat, he had the aisle. He flew economy
and was clearly trying to be inconspicuous. He wore a cowboy hat but there
was no hiding that incredible face. We chatted very briefly when I just had
to tell him I admired his work enormously. He was very nice, shy and even
flattered that I knew all about his career. He was a real gentleman. No one
of this full flight knew who he was (except me of course). He worked on a
crossword puzzle most of the flight - I noticed he filled in every blank -
smart guy!

Dear Viggo,
Happy birthday to you. May this very special day bring you Joy, Love and Peace for the whole year through and forever. Thank you for entertaining us so nicely and for always being who you are, a real Artist and such an attractive talented person. God bless you and your country. With many happy returns and best wishes for your future. From Christine, your faithful admirer.

PS. I am writing to you from Geneva-Switzerland where I am living and working in an international organization.

Dear Frosty,
I would like to congratulate you  on your fabby page on the handsome, talented Viggo Mortensen. I first saw Viggo in Crimson Tide and my crush/fascination began from there. The man is gorgeous and if you look at him and feel nothing you must be dead or shouldn't have had that last tequila.

When I first got my PC the first thing I did was look his name up and was delighted to get so much information and lovely pictures and get an insight into this man's personality. I didn't realize that Viggo is also a poet and an artist, is there no end to this man's talent ??

Now that I've discovered what a private person he is and that he steers clear of the limelight ,I almost feel guilty "peeping" at his life and intruding on his privacy finding out all his personal details. (lucky lucky Miss Paltrow!!)

But I think from now on and especially after the release of LOTR he is going to find the glare of the media harder to avoid and you ,frosty ,are going to get a lot more hits on your site from hoards of females looking for their fix of Viggo!!

Even though this is an unofficial site , I'm sure that the man himself has cast an eye on your wonderful website to see what we think of him. And I for one think that he's just fabulous I'd like to tie him up and bring him home with me........sorry got carried away there, I think my husband and kids would be wondering at this bound and gagged film star at our breakfast table!!

Anyway frosty, thank you for keeping this Irish fan happy, keep up the good work.


I had the pleasure this past week of meeting Mr. Viggo Mortensen.  Even though I have seen many of his movies and I have read some of his poetry.  Flying from LA X to O'Hara my husband and I were guessing whom would sit next to him.

This incredibly handsome man boarded and I told my husband that man was the one who was going to sit next to him.  I was right.  Through out our flight I found myself looking at this man not knowing whom he was thinking to myself that he must be an aspiring writer.  I wanted to talk to him, but I do not like to talk over others.

This stranger offered us reading material and was very kind.  I love to write and I write screenplays, poetry and also dabble in drawing horses.  My poetic works have been published.  Assuming this man was an aspiring writer/student I asked him some questions.  Still not knowing whom he is.  He was very polite and smiled.  Now I wonder if he was thinking this couple has no clue who I am?  If he was, then he was correct. 

The stewardess from our plane kept staring at us.  One of them came up to him and asked for his autograph.  I thought that she had gotten his autograph, just in case he became a successful writer.

I collect autographs and I am always saying that if a celebrity walk up to me and stared me in the face I wouldn't know who they were. 

So if Mr. Mortensen reads this page.  I am sorry to have bothered you about my writing.  I am sure you get a lot of that.  I just thought you were a student that studied writing and were reading over your own scripts.

I asked the stewardess who was that guy?  She said, "I don't know his name but he played in A Perfect Murder and a lot of other movies and he is so hot!".  The girl behind me agreed with the stewardess as she said,  "Oh my god!  I thought that was him!"

Not only is he a great actor, a wonderful poet but he is a very nice person that I was glad to have the opportunity to meet.


Hi, I think it is great that there is so much information on Viggo Mortensen.  I think he is a gorgeous and talented actor.  I love his movies and there's just something about him that leaves you speechless when you look at him.  I am never one that tends to fall for actors  but he is somewhat enchanting.  I found this website by just punching in his name. Thanks for putting it out.


I wouldn't say that I know smokey all that well.  the only thing I remember about him at all is that he mentioned the name "Viggo" about every minute and a half.  Smokey seemed at the time to be all pepped up about Viggo.  That was 5 or six years ago, and tonight I stumble across Viggo and what do you know about that?  Is this what they mean by "small world?"  Smokey is an oddball, and I'll leave it at that.  Say hello to Viggo if you can, though it is not important to me (or to Viggo, I would think), if you don't mention any of this to him.  I imagine, though, that all of this would be of major interest to Smokey.  bye.


Dear Frosty,

Hi! I'm a Viggo fan living in Tokyo, Japan. I enjoy your site very very much, and frequently make visits. It has great information, and it looks really cool. It is soooooo difficult to get ANY info on Viggo here, because the magazines here don't really pick him up.

What I wrote to you at this time is that, at they let you download "behind the scenes" from "28 Days" (I think it was 2 clips) and you can actually see Viggo in it. (He was hardly in the trailer.) I thought that maybe you would like to see it too.

Please keep up the great work!
(Gee, I'm really urged to go see the gallery in N.Y.---he's going to be there, right?)


Thanks for a great page. Glad to see I'm not the only one out there fascinated by this creature who represents so many of the things in which I find myself interested. I'm also glad to know that there is someone left on this planet who can be creative and successful at it and not lose himself to the hypocrisy of fame. Thank you Frosty. Please keep up the good work.


Your site is exceedingly well designed. Nice content too.
Love the olive. So West Coast, ya know?
Anyway, was surfing to find more info on the art show on Viggo M. mentioned in Vanity Fair. What a delight to stumble across a refreshing way to present a celeb.
Regarding the e-mail on the Viggo site from a girl named, Lisa, who bought a piece. Was the Henry mentioned with Exene C., Hank Rollins? The outfit described seems so outta character. ha ha. Do tell.
Back to your site. It's really, really fresh. Hopefully you're making money off the skill, so many sites out there need creative input. If not, maybe it's a labor of love? If not somewhat of an expensive one.
Keep up the good work. Sites like yours are a feast to the eyes and mind, I suppose. Especially on an ever more big biz internet.

C. Havasham (Scruffier)

Scruffier request that I post my reply. Here it is:

A big thanks for your email. Much appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the site. No money made of this site, a labor of love. is my full-time gig.
Henry would be Viggo' son with Exene, though Viggo has hung out with Rollins on occasion.

Cheers and take care,
Tony aka Frosty

After watching G.I.Jane, I wasn't too sure as to whether or not I have ever seen Viggo Mortensen on the big screen before. I could not believe that he was in so many movies and I never noticed. He is such a versatile actor and can changes faces as easily as parts. Not many actors have that ability to do so. I'm impressed with his gifts in the arts. I too like to write poetry, but I have never published any. I just wanted to write to you and thank you for giving me the information on this amazing talent. Mr. Mortensen is definately going to go far in any path he travels.


Hi there :-)

I am so extremely happy to find this great homepage about Viggo. :-)

God ... and reading the message from Lisa oh man are you the luckiest girl in the world ... you've actually met him. How does he talk ... I mean does he speak english/american or does he have sort of Danish in his talk??? :-)

Oh man ... I pray that I'll get to meet Viggo one day too. :-) I've seen some of Viggo's films through the years ... but it was only when I saw G.I Jane for the 2nd time some months ago when I really noticed him & fell in LOVE with him. God what amazing man Viggo is ... he's an actor, painter, singer & poet. WOW. He's so talented & he's so damn hot. OH MAMA. He seems so sweet & warm & kind. :-) Sorry if this message is stupid ... but I just love Viggo & he's so hot. Viggo rules :-)

Viggofan from Norway
PS: Anybody knows Viggo, send him to me :-)))))))

I just wanted to tell you that I like the new look of the Viggo Corner. I read the email from Lisa about her encounters with Viggo at the Track 16 opening. I lived it vicariously through her. I would have loved to attended. I did order the book and I can't wait for it to arrive. If you can contact Lisa, please tell her thanks for allowing the rest of us to share in her encounter with Viggo. Maybe someday I'll have one of my own to tell.


Thanks for sharing that lady's story about her trip to Viggo's art show. It was very well written and most enjoyable. Keep up the great work and site!

Yer pal,
Geri Ann

Hi Frosty,

My quest to meet Viggo and buy my first piece of art turned out better than I expected. Which is cool, since I almost chickened out on the "meet" part.

I drove up to Santa Monica with my friend Christine, and I was so worried about being late that we ended up being really early. By the time 6:00 rolled around, there were a lot of people waiting outside the door. Being one of the first people in, I was able to take my time looking at the photographs and mixed media pieces on display without having too much of a crowd to deal with. Some of the pieces were familiar from A Perfect Murder and, I think, his CD covers. Most were things I had not seen before. Everything was interesting. Interesting in the sense that certain elements remind you of things from your childhood or places you've been.

I happened upon a piece I really really liked, a mixed-media piece about 4x6 feet in size I'm guessing. On it were different layers of paint and what looked like scraps of paper (wallpaper?). Even more interesting, there were words all over it, going around in a spiral. A poem, but a seeming work in progress with words scratched out and carated in. It was very colorful. What I liked most, though, was that the more you looked, the more there was to see. Shapes and words and colors seemed to pop out in different places like one of those stereogram things (the piece is called "Sun Losing Its Yellow", and the small pic in the catalogue doesn't nearly do it justice). Maybe it's the writer in me, but I was in love. My hopes were dashed, however, when I read in the gallery leaflet that the price was $4,000. A little more than I could afford. Oh well. The next thing that caught my eye was a black and white photographic piece. It was a woman's face with a smaller face superimposed over the forehead area and some hand-drawn designs. I recognized the piece as part of a larger piece that had appeared in a magazine article ("Mother Memory", it's on the front cover of the catalogue). It was amazing, and I could afford it! So I immediately went to the gallery desk to buy it.

While I was standing at the counter waiting for my receipt, someone bumped into me as he was reaching over the counter to drop off a stack of exhibit catalogues. I turned and saw a somewhat tacky shirt: black and white, looked like polyester, with red flowers. Then I saw it was Viggo. He smiled and excused himself, but I couldn't get anything out before he walked away to deal with the press.

For almost an hour I hung out in the room that he was in, and watched celebrities pass through. Exene and Henry were there. Henry was dressed in a daring outfit made up of black bell-bottoms with sequins, some sort of vest with chains across the chest area, a black feather boa, blonde streaks in the front of his dark brown hair, and black paint on his eyes that reminded me of The Crow. The crowd began to grow, and some celebs showed up but I'm having trouble with name recall right now. James Remar... The guy who played Rivetti in Crimson Tide...

Christine kept nudging me toward Viggo's general direction, telling me that if I didn't go up to him and say hi I would regret it. I knew she was right, but I figured I could be content knowing I had "bumped into him" and seen him face to face. Besides, there were always a dozen or so people around him, and it seemed like they were all friends judging by the hugs he gave out. My goal for the night was to walk up and introduce myself but I just wasn't sure how to do that. Instead I watched everyone else talking to him out of the corner of my eye, and alternately looked at the "Sun" painting that I loved so much and played with Viggo's dog (who, incidentally, seemed to be getting more attention than the art). Somehow I managed to summon the nerve to walk up to him through the crowd and say hi.

My initial attempt was thwarted, however, because one of the gallery staff walked up and steered him to the side to ask him something. So I took a deep breath and walked around a few people and got into position a second time. Here's kind of how it went.

Me: Excuse me, my name is Lisa.
Viggo: Hello. (shaking my hand - nice firm handshake BTW)
Me: I just wanted to say this is an amazing show. You're very talented.
Viggo: Well, thank you. I'm glad you like it.
Me: I bought my first piece of art tonight too, so I'm excited.
Viggo: Oh really? Which one?
Me: [pointing it out, since it was right behind him]
Viggo: [smiling] Oh yeah, that's one of my favorites.
Me: It reminds me of my mother and grandmother.
Viggo: It _is_ a mother and grandmother.
Me: I thought so. I just knew I had to have it. It's really beautiful.
Viggo: Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.
Me: I will. Thank you.
Viggo: It was nice meeting you.

As I walked away, I saw Christine giving me a not-entirely-subtle thumbs-up from across the room. I tried to act cool but I'm sure I had a huge smile on my face. It's so nice to know that someone whose acting and poetry and art I admire is a genuinely nice person on top of it all. He was so down to earth. He looked me in the eye and smiled and didn't try to excuse himself to talk to someone else. He gave me his full attention until I was finished talking. I really admire that. I was on a cloud, the place was packed, and it was almost 8:00, so Christine and I decided we were ready to leave.

So now I'm sitting at home writing this all down. I had a wonderful evening, and bought the first piece of art that will go into the house I haven't bought yet. Some people say you never forget the first time you get kissed, or have sex, or whatever. _I_ will never forget my first piece of art, who made it, or how nice he was. Every fan should know that he is a true gentleman, and just as handsome in person as he is on the screen.


Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, but WHY are you making Viggo known to the public? I was devastated when I found a web site for him. It's bad enough he's about to be public domain thanks to G.I. Jane, why help it along? *SOB* He has managed to stay virtually invisible to the mainstream public for years, don't you think there was a reason for that? I mean, he changes his look in every picture he does so that he can hardly be recognized as the same person... I figure he likes anonymity and doesn't want to be type cast.*sob, sob* I mean, look what happened to Gary Oldman after Dracula. He used to have unique and talented roles, now the public knows him, so he just does everything and has no originality any more. Same thing with Billy Zane. So why show people more of Viggo than they deserve? I'm sorry if I sound rude, I don't mean to be at all, I'm just sad that another great performer is going to actor hell. If you really appreciate him, you might consider withdrawing your tribute web page to him...*hint, sniff, smile* I bear no ill will, I just wish we could keep him to ourselves.

A friend,
A little note of humor: Even my computer spell check doesn't know Viggo yet.*smile*

Hi, Just to let you know, I knew Viggo many years ago when we both worked together in Denmark. I still have one of his drawings and some postcards he sent me. He was one of the most unusual and funniest people I have ever come across. A party animal! I remember when he left Denmark for America "To become an actor" we all laughed! Well he's laughin' now.


Hi there Frosty,
What a pleasant surprise I got when I found out you'd updated your web page on Viggo Mortensen. It's about the only decent thing on the guy that you can find on the web - and I don't know whether to laugh or cry! We (my sister & I ) first noticed him in The Prophecy - best portrayal of the devil we've seen. It's amazing that he can appear in maybe three scenes in a movie and be so memorable. Since then I've tried to get hold of as many of his old movies as I can - call me biased but you could see the scene-stealing properties even way back when he had no lines! It's frustrating that he's so little known and yet at the same time it would be unbearable if he were to become a household name either (look what happened to U2 after The Joshua Tree). Is this what they call inverted snobbery? I scour the web and magazines for any morsel on him - have not seen the Vanity Fair article yet (if you can call it that) coz it's a bit difficult to find here and the price is pretty steep too, because of the currency thingy. Well what can I say but thank god for Frosty's page!

from this corner of the world,
kuala lumpur, malaysia

Hiya !!!! Thank you SO MUCH for putting together the page for gorgeous Viggo!!! I worked as an extra on "Vanishing Point" 2 years ago, and did not know who he was before then...when I saw him walk past me, I fell immediately in "love" with him, he was one of the kindest actors I have ever met....he gave me a t-shirt, and I asked him to send me a signed picture..less than a month later, it was in my mailbox...the man is not only a very fine actor, he is am extremely kind man..he is an angel...he was nice to EVERYONE on the set, and I was blown away at how gorgeous he was..I stood in the bar one night at the hotel, and talked with he and Steve Railsback, who was in "Vanishing Point" also, and they couldn't stop talking about the film...they were very proud of it, and I am very proud I got to be in it, and meet and work with I said, he is an angel, and deserves all the good fortune he receives....

Thanks again !!!!
Tucson, Arizona

Hi Frosty,
I myself enjoy a good Viggo flick, however I'm writing for my sister who is a Viggo-maniac. I downloaded your site and mailed her hard copies of it and she was in heaven. She wanted me to tell you about the mean thing that has occurred. As you may already know, Viggo is working on a new film, "Billy Please Come Home We Need You", about a former Detroit assembly line worker. It was suppose to film in Detroit, not ten minutes from where my sister lives. Well Miramax, decided it was cheaper to film in Toronto. My sister is now in mourning, she thought on her way to work one day she might spot the Mr. Viggo himself. Now her dreams are dashed. She is heart broken that Miramax would do something so cruel!

Keep up the great work on the site!!!!!

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