The Corner of Viggo is no longer actively updated. This site is being kept here for archive purposes. Thank you for visiting and thanks to all of you for your support.

Answer to FAQs:

Viggo is no longer accepting fan mail. Read why here.

Viggo's Birthday is October 20, 1958 (New York City). Time of day is unknown.

The poem he reads in G.I. Jane is Self Pity by D. H. Lawrence:

I never saw a wild thing
sorry for itself.
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough
without ever having felt sorry for itself.

Click here for more info on the poems and a pretty good take on the movie.

Miscellaneous Info:

Viggo did the cover artwork for Ellyn Maybe's first major label release The Cowardice of Amnesia.

He was in the Spanish film Gimlet, co-starring Angela Molina, that showcased his multi-lingual capabilities.

Mortensen first began acting in New York and studied with Warren Robertson. He won the Drama-Logue Critics Award for his stage performance in the Los Angeles premiere of Bent at the Coast Playhouse.

Born in Manhattan, Mortensen has traveled extensively and speaks several languages including Danish and Spanish.

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Latest News

I received a nice email from Genea asking about an old link from 2000 (whoa!) The link was to a letter that Viggo had written to the Carma Bums. I remember that letter well because it's one of my favorite pieces - it reads like a beat poem out of control and forgetting what it was, or what it was meant to be. Majestic and energetic.

However the link is quite dead, which is to be expected. But spurred on by Genea's pleasant email, and the knowledge that nothing dies on the internet, I managed to recover the page and save it.

So ladies and gentlemen and Genea, I present you Viggo's letter to the Carma Bums. Enjoy.

[Link: Carma Bums Myspace page ]


As you can see, I no longer actively update this website. The purpose of this site was to focus more on Viggo the Artist than Viggo the Actor. It started out as a single page in 1997, over 10 years ago. I believe at the time there was only one other site that mentioned Viggo. One day I suddenly noticed that traffic to the site was growing dramatically, so I started to pour all my energy into making it a worthwhile destination. I would like to think that I succeeded on that front. Here we are now in 2008 and there have been over 3 million visitors to this site. I'm sure Lord of the Rings had something to do with that, but I would rather hope that Viggo's reputation as an artist helped as well.

So what happened? I got married. I became a father. As anyone knows, family comes first. I'm sure Viggo would understand. I just didn't have the time or energy to keep up with all the email (there have been thousands of them) and all the latest events and happenings. So I decided to stop. Viggo was quite established as an actor and artist, and there were dozens of sites dedicated to him. The website had fulfilled its purpose.

I still receive quite a few emails. Many are questions about his personal life. To be honest, I don't really care about Viggo's personal life, so I won't answer those. Have I mentioned this site was about Viggo the Artist? Occasionally I will get an intriguing email (like Genea's above) and I'll do my best to answer it. For the most part though this site is in archive mode only.

Since I am doing an update ... I received an email from the ACLU of Southern California about their annual auction and as usual Viggo has donated an item. I believe he usually donates artwork, so this is a good chance to pick up a piece of Viggo's art and support a good cause.

If you are interested in what I'm doing now, please check out the Frostyland main page for links to my blog, photos, art and other stuff. Thanks. :)

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Thanks for all your email! :)