Frostyland was created mostly to house the Galleria, an exhibition of my digital art and online portfolio. The other purpose for this site is the continuous experimentation with this thing called the Internet. Also, the Viggo Mortensen Corner has taken on a life of its own. And now rawdog.com (rant, rave, and spittle) has started to take shape.

All of these images and writings contained within these pages are original (except the product icons) and created by me (or other artists where noted). Please respect that fact. If you really want to use some of these images, then what I ask for is: credit, and an email telling me where it's being used, and a link back to this page [I maintain all rights.] That would be very nice of you. That's it. Thanks for the attention. And thanks for visiting.

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Fight for your right to standards!
Fight for your right to web standards!

  The Latest [Tuesday, 19-Aug-2003 22:38:55 PDT]:
Back playing soccer. And oh yeah, bought a house and went to China to greet my daughter. Fatherhood rocks! ;)
Galleria 10.15.00
  The Shameless Self Plug, the main reason for this web site. Browse my latest attempts at artistic greatness.
Rant, Rave, and Spittle (rawdog.com) 03.03.02

This is now a separate site. It all started when we read Walt Whitmans's "O Captain! My Captain!" in school...

Bad Poetry with a Crazy Kinda of Urgency, Allen Ginsberg should feel none too threatened. I fancy myself a poet, a bad one mind you, but there seems to be no harm in trying. Here you can peruse my attempts at prose along with writings from other more capable authors.

The Corner of Viggo 08.19.03
  This page is a sort of a homage to the Renaissance Man known as Viggo Mortensen, actor, poet, photographer and artist.
Digital Brunch 09.7.98
  This is the home for my digital photography experimentation. And so it begins with The Mirror Project.
Mí Casa 09.7.98
  (Casa de Señor Frostola): If you are interested, this is the silly place of my whimsical interests.
Voices Down the Corridor 01.22.00
  My favorite links. This seems mandatory for all web sites, so...
  Jot down your thoughts, impressions, comments, etc.


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